Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

We know that your home is one of the biggest investments and an important place for you. Trust us to keep your home insured and alleviate your worry of losing the place you call ‘home’. Whether you need insurance for your farm, home, or mobile home, you are in the right place. Union Insurance Agency provides a complete range of insurance plans, which can be tailored according to your needs.

Our Services

We offer insurance plans for; homes, mobile homes and farms.

  • Owned
  • Non-Owned
  • Seasonal
  • Tenant (Renters)

If you’re unsure what your property falls under, we can help you.

Get Our Expert Assistance

Our experts are here to assist you in choosing the right policy, which truly protects your property. Fill out the form to figure out opportunities to fully cover your home if you should suffer unexpected loss.