Best Pet Care Insurance Plans

We know your pet is more than an animal to you; it’s a part of your family. As insurers, we want nothing but the best care for your pets. Pet insurance is important because there can be times of sudden health emergencies and veterinarian bills can be cost-heavy as it is a medical service. Don't let the stress of a future problem affect your present life. Get the best insurance plans for your furry family members and be confident about the future.

Union Insurance Agency

Afford Pet Treatments

One of the prominent features of the pet insurance plans that we offer, is that you get to choose your veterinarian. You can be assured that your pet would get the best possible treatment in case of injury or ailment. Our insurance plans are available in and around Indiana and Michigan.

We provide tailored plans to reduce the stress of an emergency. Fill up the form to decide on which plan works best for you.